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Being an Airbnb host is a good business, but it has its difficulties. We already wrote in out blog about the importance of keeping the apartment you rent out in good condition in order to keep your rating, and consequently your profits high.
The services that are indispensable in this kind of business are listed below. We came up with special terms of service and payment plans that should satisfy even the most stringent and prudent clients.


Choose your airbnb plan

Make your business easy with likecleanup
Basic set
A set for a 1 cleaning service(max 1 bedroom/1 bathroom apt OR Studio)
  • For Starters
  • 1 type of set
  • All cleaning supplies included
  • The profitable solution on the market
A set for a 1 cleaning service (max 2 bedroom/2 bathroom apt)
  • For big businesses
  • Free flowers, air-fresheners, toilet paper, hygiene wipes per each your customer, 1 free handyman service every 3 months
  • All cleaning supplies included
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