win-win Strategy
There's a long way from a small local cleaning company to the large international house maintenance business. Let's walk it together.

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The best way to improve your professional skills and increase your value
Number of cities where people can apply for working with us (and it's growing)
More than 70 companies and individuals are already working with us
Average number of referred jobs per partner per month (we strive to increase that number, so you may count on us keeping you occupied full-time)
Are you ready to work with us? Maybe even become a head of our branch? We may offer you even more! Get your own business in a constantly growing US services industry.

How to become an entrepreneur in the US?

without investments and experience. "Impossible", you say? We'll show you how.
Start working as an independent contractor using our app and website (first year)
  • Sign up to our platform
  • Keep your client satisfaction rating high
  • Keep doing tasks for no less than one year, or complete 500 tasks (whichever comes first)
  • Apply for promotion
Professional growth (second year)
Grow Your business in Your area: hire workers, keep equipment in good condition, work on your rating, increase profits
High-margin business with recognizeable brand (third year)
Our franchise offers you more jobs in your area and additional data about your clients that we get through a patented neural network on the basis of a client network you already have. In addition to that networking we also offer all the necessary infrastructure for a successful business. You get a website, a system for tracking and managing payments, and a tax filing support. You don't have to think about marketing and promoting your services - we'll take care of it for you.
Choose where to start:

Three great ways to start earning money with us

So, do you have some time on your hands and a bit of experience?
Or do you have your own small company that offers housekeeping services?
Or maybe your company is having difficulties handling the volume of requests and you're interested in getting some profit from lost clients?
Then you've definitely come to the right place.
Вариант подходит начинающим специалистам в сфере услуг по дому
Хочу всему научиться и работать у вас, а потом увидим
Выберете интересующую сферу, подайте заявку, пройдите обучение и начинайте работать с нами. Обучение бесплатное и проходит онлайн у вас дома. Узнать подробности
Отлично, нам есть что вам предложить!
Я дорос до своего бизнеса!
  • Подайте заявку на экспресс тестирование ваших навыков
  • получите одобрение и узнайте как развивать бизнес вместе и какую помощь мы можем вам оказать
Лишних клиентов не бывает. Не успеваете сами - передайте нам. Клиенты будут довольны, а вы будете получать вознаграждение - 15% от их чека.
У меня есть горячие клиенты и я готов передать их вам
Отличные новости! Заполните заявку здесь и мы свяжемся с вами в ближайшее время.
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