Donation process is easy. What's why

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We are the founders of this company. We are immigrants, so we understand the difficulties of starting your life over and building the standard of living from the ground up. And immigrants are not the only ones who could use help. To support low-income people, as well as people who are facing difficult life situations, we started a new enterprise - LIKE DONATION CENTER. It is a donation center that is operating outbound. You can donate items and food that we distribute both to other donation organizations and to people in need themselves. We have a Facebook page intended for showcasing our results in gathering clothing, food and household items that people donated to us. It is currently empty, but we're counting on you to fill it with content very soon. Like, subscribe, invite your friends - we can improve the life of many people in our local community together.
We are the founders of this company. We are immigrants
How does that work?
As you already know, we have a housekeeping company. The easiest way for you to make a donation is simply giving us anything you don't need during our cleaning or any other service you order from us. Our representative will evaluate the items' condition. Those that can be sold and reused (e.g. furniture, kitchen utensils and appliances etc.), can be sold online on our Facebook page, through Facebook market. Giveaway items, such as food and clothes, are given to those in need directly, or to other donation organizations.

What happens when the items are sold?
Your old lamps and coffee machines that we sell on our Facebook page will generally be sold for a market price. The proceeds go to support those in need. We'll have to keep about 30-40% of total revenue (depends on the item) to cover storage and pay to movers and other people who ensure that the process goes continuously and smoothly. The costs also include gas and parts for our Dodge Caravan that we use to transport the items, as well as advertizing costs in social networking services to reach out to more people.
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